North Fayette Township does have and enforces an animal code.  The code is defined in the North Fayette Township ordinances under Animals in Chapter 2 & Chapter 27 (Zoning).  

Chapter 2

  • Section 2-103:  This section refers to domesticated animals.  What this section implies is that any domestically owned animal must be either confined within or firmly secured on your property (i.e. fence, electric fence, tether, etc.).  The animal, if taken off your property, must be on a leash.  So, in other words, your animal is not permitted to run at large.
  • Section 2-104:  This section refers to "continuous barking", which implies, that any dog cannot continuously bark or make loud noises for a period of at least 15 minutes.  This can occur with the animal being outside the residence or inside the residence.  There is an exception to this section, which states that if someone is trespassing or attempting to trespass and the dog is barking for that reason, then it is not a violation
  • Section 2-105:  This section refers to removal of animal feces.  If your domesticated animal goes to the bathroom in a public place or on another person's property, the owner of the animal must immediately remove/clean up what was deposited.
  • Section 2-106:  This section indicates that no person, firm or corporation shall keep or maintain a wild cat, as defined below, within the Township of North Fayette. Examples of such wild cats include, but are not limited to, the following: cheetah, leopard, jaguar, tiger, lynx, bay cat, leopard cat, bobcat, mountain cat, ocelot, European wildcat, lion, puma, mountain lion, jungle cat or any other type of wildcat.
  • Section 2-107:  This section indicates that no person, firm or corporation shall keep or maintain any type of wild animal, including, but not limited to, the following: racoon, fox, weasel, skunk, scorpion, poisonous snake, alligator, crocodile or reptile.
  • Section 2-108:  The final section of this chapter refers to it being unlawful for any animal owner to abandon or permit any domesticated animal to become stray.

Chapter 27

  • Section 27-202: This section refers to the amount of dogs and cats you are permitted to own within a property in North Fayette Township. Per this ordinance, you are not permitted to own more than 5 dogs and 6 cats unless you are zoned as a "Pet Boarding" facility.

If any of the above sections are violated, you may be subjected to a fine between $50.00 and $1,000.00, as indicated in Section 2-109.



The North Fayette Township Police Department maintains an animal lost/found file.  If you have lost or found a pet, please notify the police department by calling 911 and asking to speak to an Officer, so the animal could be reunited with its owner.  The police also have a microchip scanner for animals.  The scanner is kept at our station and can be used on any lost/found animal, as long as it contains a microchip. If an animal is picked up by the police, it will be held at our station for a short period of time and can be retrieved by the owner.  If the owner of the animal is not known, then Animal Control Services will be contacted to retrieve the animal, so it can be cared for properly.  The public phone number for Animal Control Services is (724) 503-4417.  There is a fee to have your pet returned to you.


Dog owners in Allegheny County are also required by law to obtain a license for every dog that they own.  This can be applied for online.  Please check the Allegheny County Dog License website for further information.