Open Burning Regulations

Burning of any kind is strictly regulated by Allegheny County and North Fayette Township. The burning ordinance for the Township can be found here.
The Township has an Ordinance regulating open burning. Please be advised that open burning of any kind is not permitted within the Township except for small fires for noncommercial preparation of food, light, ornament, or recreational purposes only so long as they meet the following requirements:
  • The fire must be contained to a fire pit, stone perimeter, non-combustible fire ring, drum, or other non-combustible container.
  • The fire shall be located not less than 10 feet from the nearest structure, roadway, property line, utility, tree, or other combustible materials.
  • The fire shall be started with smokeless fuels only.
  • Only clean burning wood and charcoal shall be burned. Treated wood, plastics, leaves, green yard waste, garbage, painted wood, rubber, tires, cardboard boxes, paper, cloth or any other materials that may create toxic or noxious odors and smoke may not be burned or used to start a fire.
  • The maximum size of the fire shall not be greater than 16 square feet (4 feet x 4 feet) nor greater than 3 feet in height.
  • Excessive smoke, odors, or malodorous emissions shall not be permitted past the property line of the fire.
  • An adult must be present at all times from the start of the fire until the fire is completely extinguished.
  • Adequate means of extinguishment or control of the fire shall be present at all times while the fire is actively burning.
  • Anyone wishing to conduct a recreational fire must notify the Police Department at 412-787-8900 before starting the fire.
The Police Department, Fire Code Official and/or Building Code Official is authorized to require the extinguishment of any fire found that is not in compliance with the above requirements.
A complete copy of the open burning ordinance is available at the Township Building or here. Please be advised that anyone found to be in violation of the open burning ordinance is subject to a Citation with potential fines of up to $1,000.

Additional Information

Any other questions or concerns can be directed to Gary Hamilton, North Fayette Township Fire Official at 412-788-4888.