Curbside E-Waste and HHW Collection

This program is designed to provide residents with safe and convenient recycling of unwanted electronic devices and HHW (household hazardous waste).  

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After completion of an online registration for the program (click here to register), residents will receive an email confirmation for their upcoming scheduled date. Residents will receive a collection package in the mail at least 7 days prior to their scheduled collection. Residents with household hazardous waste will receive a package with the following items:

  • Collection Bag
  • Zip Tie to Close the Bag
  • Directions for the Resident
  • List of Accepted Items

Note that residents with electronic waste only will not receive a collection bag or a zip tie.

On the day of your scheduled collection, please make sure that electronic devices and/or bagged household hazardous wastes are placed near the curb and are visible from the road. Removal of your items will occur between 7:00am and 5:00pm on your scheduled date. Please ensure your items are placed outside prior to 7:00am.

All chemicals must be clearly labeled and securely sealed. Containers greater than 5 gallons in size will NOT be accepted. If you have containers that are larger than 5 gallons in size, please contact customer service at 724-929-7694 extension 2 or 888-883-0333. You may also email them at

For additional information including acceptable/not acceptable items as well as FAQs, visit County Hauling's website.

List of items accepted and not accepted for e-waste collection